What We Do

Our modern Life Story Center sets us apart from all other funeral homes. It is a true extension of your home…featuring expansive patios, large windows and high ceilings. We specialize in creating a unique and meaningful, one-time event, whether cremation or burial is selected. We have simplified the selections by putting together packages most commonly chosen in our communities.


Cremation & Burial

  • Self-Directed Memorial ~ Family organized service
  • Memorial / Funeral Service ~ With or without a visitation
  • Standard Service ~ Casketed viewing and service, followed by burial or cremation

Open House / Reception

“When I die, I don’t want a funeral…I want a party!”

  • Modern, comfortable environment
  • A unique vibe and energy
  • Comfort food and drink service
  • Presentation to fit your style
  • A contagious culture of stories and connections


Food & Beverage Service

“The [funeral] home itself is arranged in such a manner with beautiful lighting and outside seating that all of our guests could move comfortably and engage in conversation or partake in the wonderful refreshments that were served.”

~Kathy Dickason

Food has always been part of rituals and celebrations. At Betzler Life Story Funeral Homes, we exclusively blend all the elements together under one roof. As you share your story with us, we will create a relevant and meaningful one-time event.

Because the Life Story Center boasts a one of a kind space, we are able to serve an intimate group of a few or a large group of several hundred people, specializing in customized events and unique receptions. Whether it’s a casual lunch, an open house, or a champagne toast, our staff will help personalize a menu that will reflect the life lived and the values embraced by each family.